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Full Version: Ssh Server Trouble
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Having trouble connecting to my SSH server.

I can't connect to it as any other user except root. It just says "Permission denied, please try again".

I've made sure the passwords match and several different ways of logging in. But it still fails.

Could someone help please smile.gif
If you are connecting from one linux machine to another (as a different user on the connected to machine) the command would be:

ssh -l username server

(substitute username of the machine you are connecting to for username, and substitute the server name or IP address for server)

Make sure on the server you are connecting to that the users can login via the console on that machine...that will make sure the shell is correct and they have a home directory, etc.).
Im actually using a SSH Client (using SSH2) called F-Secure SSH Client.

I have tried connecting using the command line on another linux machine at college using your syntax. I am, however, recieving a permission denied message still.


The all users I created as a test can log in at the initial Linux login prompt and I can su to them. They appear to have a home directory.

The command and syntax I'm using to create users is: adduser -p password username
But ... from each of those places, (using both the F-Secure SSH Client and linux) your root user can connect to the server?

What is the Linux distro and what sshd package are you using....
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