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Full Version: Direct Connection Networking
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I'm trying to network two computers together. They're running Redhat linux 8 and 9 and have intel 1000 pro nic's. I've got them connected directly together but I can't seem to get them to communicate with each other.

Could anyone provide some tips or assistance, tried googling but no luck.

You have to use a crossover cable instead of a straight through cable to connect 2 computers directly (or to connect 2 hubs ) ...

See these links 1 , 2.

You can buy a crossover cable at most computer stores....or you can cut off one end of a standard cable and swap wire 1 and 3 ... and wire 2 and 6 ... one one end then crimp on a new connector.

(or you can use 2 stright cables and a hub to connect the computers)
You might want to read up on the networking howto.
You didn't provide enough info so I will start from the beginning.

Make sure you have a crossover cable connecting the two PC's unless your using a hub or a switch. The network cards have a link light that should be illuminated when powered up and the cable connected.

Did RH detect and configure the network card? If you go to the hardware detection GUI is the card listed. If not then you will have to find a linux driver for the card. If so then you can proceed on.

You will need to setup a static IP address for each PC. I haven't used RH in awhile so I don't know what the GUI configuration tool looks like. You might want to look at the documentation at RH website.

Use IP address PC #1 PC #2
netmask on both PC's

You will want to disable any firewalls running on the PCs. You should be able to use the ping command i.e.
ping (From PC #1)
If everthing is working you should get a response.

Will save the software to the next post.
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