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Full Version: Vid Card Detected, No Video When X(?) Starts
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I installed Linux Mandrake easily on my computer. My freind saw it and thought "cool, I wanna install it." We try installing Mandrake9.2 on his machine:
Installation stage fine. Setup Now wants to reboot. Reboots. Press escape for verbose mode.
See all these things starting and saying [OK].
ethernet [fails] - he ain't got a cable plugged in. understandable.
continues loading this, mounting that...
screen goes black... Woohoo, should see login screen now.
still is black... Looks at watch. Bit embarrassed infront of friend.
...? blink.gif
Monitor LED is on orange (like suspend mode on Windows). It must be receiving a signal otherwise monitor would have displayed its own message.

We reinstall Linux trying different drivers, and we tested it during installation stage, and it was fine. But always when it then comes to showing the login screen, it doesn't. screen remains blank. Monitor LED on orange. shouldcome back to green with the loginscreen like on my PC.

PLease, what's going on and how do I fix it? (We had same problem with Redhat 9).
First, look up the monitor refresh rates for the Monitor from the internet or the monitor need a range for both vertical and horizontal rates (one is called scan rate the other is called refresh rate). THIS is critcal ... so get the right rates ... here is an example for my monitor (which is a NEC MultiSync E1100)

HorizSync 31.0 - 82.0
VertRefresh 55.0 - 120.0
1. boot to Console mode .... start the PC, boot to LILO selection screen

(at the kernel selection screen in LILO, press Esc and type a kernel name followed by 3 ... normally linux 3)

2. Log in as root.

3. Edit the file /etc/X11/XF86Config (it might be named XF86Config-4 instead) using vi (or another console text editor like pico or nano).

Inside the file look for 3 items ... first, look in the section named Section "Device" for the line:

Driver "ati"

If it is anything except "ati" ... change it to "ati".

Next, find the section named Section "Monitor" and find the lines:


and change them to the correct values found for the monitor.

4. Save the file and reboot.
The monitor's generic. No name. Is there a safe standard set of frequencies?
YES ... but the resolution and quality will not be good....

Is there not a model number of some kind on a tag on the back of the monitor ....

HorizSync 31.0 - 35.1
VertRefresh 55.0 - 65.0

HorizSync 31.0 - 48.5
VertRefresh 55.0 - 70.0

HorizSync 31.0 - 57.0
VertRefresh 55.0 - 75.0
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