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Full Version: Help Cant Start X
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Ok, I lost my Win98 disk, and instead of trying to get a new one, I said "Let me try Linux" I went to redhat and FTP'd Redhat 9.

I copied the ISO's to Disks and installed.

Now when I boot it tells me "Error: Driver Can't Support depth 24"

I read the PDF and tried typing redhat-config-xfree86 but then it says it cant start the XServer for the same reason.
Is there anyway to adjust my resolution down by editing some file somewhere?

I can only use comands from the command line also, anything that tries to switch to graphics mode fails.

Btw, just in case, my system specs are:
  • Pentium 166MHz
  • 32MB Ram
  • Unknown video card
  • unknown monitor

wacko.gif Thanks all
Your message means that your video card or monitor cannot supprort 24bpp (aka 32bpp) as a color depth.

Well, first of all, RedHat 9 is "too much" for your specs. Especilly looking at the facts that your video card is unknown it is probably around 1-2MB anyways. X will be way too slow! Especially with 32MB RAM. I have a Cyrix6x86 200+ (about the same as a crappy P-II) with 96MB of RAM and X is STILL slow in RedHat 7.3. I recommend you try something like RedHat 7.3. But I wouldn't really recommend anything before that because of various security issues... Right hughesjr? LOL... You made me paranoid now.

And for the file you have to change, it is "/etc/X11/XF86Config-4".

I'm not too much of a pro when it comes to configuring that file, but are you SURE you absolutely have no idea of what your video card and monitor are? Because it is really better to use the driver for your card instaed of a generic driver. Open up you box, take out the video card and take down notes of whatever you see (names, numbers...) on chips. Maybe we can help you identify it!!!
I agree that RH-9 needs MUCH more memory (my Video Card has 64MB RAM ... my Main RAM is 768mb on a RH9 pIII - 800 test machine .... and X isn't real fast on that) ... RedHat says RH9 requires 96mb of (main) RAM and recommends at least 128mb (main) RAM to Run X (at least with gnome or KDE) and I agree that those memory requirements are bare Minimums. You also need at least 8mb of video RAM to use RH9 (in my experience).

RedHat 7.3 might work with 32mb RAM....but it still won't be very quick....not to mention that there is no longer any support for RH 7.3.

Although the install is a little harder, Debian Woody would work much better on a machine with those specs.

Here are the Debain Memory requirements ... here is the Debain download page and here is the Debian i386 Installation Manual.

Woody also still gets security updates!

You only need CD-1 ... on the boot screen, start the install with the command:


followed by enter at the command prompt.
Here and Here (don't do the upgrade part) are step by step install guides for Debain Woody installations.
Hello, mee again, smile.gif

You'll be fed up with my silly questions soon, sorry

that command that is mentioned


will it work for MDK9.2 and do you have to be logged in as root, or can you do it as a normal user (in my case the normal user is "daniel")

Sorry, i'm OK now, I have sorted my problem out.

HEHEHE, it was jut a simple case of inserting the MDK disc and letting it do an upgrade.

smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
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