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i'm new to Linux
currently tried RedHat 7.3

my problem is where can i get Control Panel like in Windows to adjust my Display, Sound etc
currently my display is 1024x but i need 800x600 only

secondly can u help me with mounting?
I just have one floppy, one Hard Disk drive and one CDROM

i tried to download *.zip files in internet but i can unzip it
then i download Zippi programs to unzip my files (zippi is in *.rpm format but i cant run it too...

can u pls help me?
To adjust your resolution, chances are you will have to edit your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file, go to your Monitor section, and under your default color depth take out the option for "1024x768" so it should have only "800x600" "640x480". If you can't find that section, just scroll down through the file until you see the different resolution settings and take out all the 1024x768 settings.

Under redhat, your mounts should be set up for you already. Pop in a cd, and type the command in console (or xterm) "mount /mnt/cdrom" or "mount /mnt/floppy". I believe that Redhat may also include icons on your desktop for the cdrom and floppy that will allow you to mount and unmount. Before you can take the cdrom or floppy back out of the drive, you need to unmount first with "umount /mnt/floppy" and "umount /mnt/cdrom" (yes, that's umount not unmount).

There should be a package for Redhat called "unzip", do a search on for it. To install RPM's just issue the command (as root user) "rpm -Uvh filename.rpm".

Anything else?
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