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Full Version: Seagate Ddo And Boot Loaders
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I am installing linux on an 80GB Seagate HD, which has been divided into 2 40 GB partitions, 1 for windows, 1 for linux. Windows has already been installed onto the drive. Unfortunately my BIOS does not support 80gig HDs, so I have to use Seagate Disk Drive Overlay as the boot loader to enable 80gig support.

This means, I think, that I cannot use LiLo or GRUB as boot loaders because they would overwrite the MBR which has the Seagate DDO boot loader. My only option appears to be to use a boot floppy whenever I want to load Linux. I would prefer to have a Linux boot loader on the hard drive, as floppies are unreliable. Is there any way around this? and has anyone had experience with DDO and linux?

BTW Seagate's Disc manager software has REALLY caused me problems, erasing a whole FAT32 partition without warning, so if you get a Seagate HD, be careful.

Thanks, Trev
well u try the following...but i haven't done that for seagate boot loader.
i am assuming that u r able to boot in to windows do the
following but for that u may have to install linux again.
u have to alter the partiton make sure that linux boot partiton
is within first 1024cylinders(since ur bios doen't support large disks).now
set the other partion for linux and install linux.load lilo on the first sector
of boot partition(not on mbr).now using boot floppy get in to linux.from
there copy the bootsect.lnx file using command
dd if=devhda2 of=bootsect.lnx bs=512 count=1
i am assuming that devhda2 is ur linux boot partiton.
to a formatted floppy
now boot in to windows.and copy bootsect.lnx to c: drive.
now edit the file boot.ini. it will be hidden.
add following lines
save the file boot.ini and reboot ur u will get the choice of two
operating system.mail me if it worked
Sorry, the problem was fixed, but thanks for your help! If I ever have a similiar problem with boot loaders I'll know what to do. This time, I had to risk my whole hard drive set up by loading Grub on top of the DDO boot.
Luckily smile.gif, the Seagate DDO overlay driver didn't affect Grub and vice versa. I don't understand this, as they both use the master boot record? But I'm just happy it is working now.
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