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Full Version: Uninstalling Linux Red Hat
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Can someone tell me the easiest way to uninstall linux. I am very new to it and really don't understand it. I would really appreciate someone helping me. sad.gif
sad.gif Why uninstall linux just because you don't understand it? There are so many places where you can get help. And there is a Getting Started guide on the Red Hat site!

But... if you insist... where is it? How did you install it and where?
I plan on getting another computer in a couple of weeks and I am going to install in again. I just want to uninstall for now. I installed in from a cd and I guess c drive. Sorry if I sound not so intelligent.

Don't be sorry. Everybody starts somewhere.

Delete the Linux partition(s) with a tool like cfdisk, fdisk
My question is how do I do it. Where do I go to do it? I have no clue much about how linux works. I know my way all around windows but not linux.

Do you have a windows 98 or similar emergency boot floppy disk?
Do you have a windows 98 install CD?
Use the DOS fdisk utility and delete NON-DOS partitions.
The command fdisk /mbr will remove any linux bootloader from the Master Boot Record.
Boot Redhat CD. Choose advanced or custom partitioning. Delete the Linux ones. See for details.
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