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Full Version: Soundblaster Awe32 Isa Pnp
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I just installed Slackware 9.1 on my box (kernel 2.4.22).

Everything is working fine, except I have no sound.
I've tried going through the Plug-and-Play-HOWTO, and I haven't had any luck.
I'm using an old SoundBlaster AWE32 card (ISA PNP (io=0x220 irq=5 dma=3 dma16=6 mpu_io=0x300)).

I've tried enabling and disabling plug-and-play in my BIOS, I've tried with and without isapnp, I even tried to use ALSA to configure the card. Nothing seems to work. I get insmod errors when the modules try to load, even with the correct IRQ/DMA/IO settings.

I'm at my wit's end, I've never had this much trouble with Linux before and I've been running it since 1993.

Any suggestions will be welcome, except maybe "try a different sound card" tongue.gif !

Thanks in advance,

In the 2.4.22 kernel, there are different options that can be compiled in concerning ISAPNP and soundblaster cards.

Can you ... have you ever compiled your own kernel?

Just a note:
ISA cards are very hard to setup ... PCI cards are much easier
Yes, I'm very familiar with recompiling my kernel. I don't know how this would help, though.

Let me know what you had in mind...


I just looked at my slack 2.4.23 kernel (I don't have 2.4.22 anymore).

I didn't see anything out of the ordinary, there is a selection under plug and play devices for ISAPNP and a modules in Sound Devices for SB 16/32/64 ...

In my stock kernel, both of those are already selected as Modules.
I was thinking of the 2.6.1 kernel where the ISAPNP was not compiled in, sorry.
Try modprobe isa-pnp followed by modprobe sb (at least on 2.4.23 that works with an AWE-64 that I just tried).
When the module tries to load, I get "device or resource busy", but I don't see any conflicts with any other hardware.

I don't know what else to do.


Slightly off-topic, and may not be any help, but, is it possible to instal Redhat's "sndconfig" utility? I know I've used it in Debian, so i'm sure it's possible to "Alien" it to slackware. I find that utility quite useful and painless for setting up ISA soundcards.

As well, out of curiostiy, when you run "isapnp /etc/isapnp.conf", does it say it found the sound card?
When I run isapnp it says it sees everything just fine (i.e. everything comes up "OK").

I'll look into the sndconfig thing, but I doubt it would run on Slack. I dislike Red Hat because of some things that it has done to me in the past.

Thank you for your input, though.
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