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Full Version: Stupid Newbie Question
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Hey, I've got Windows XP, and when I formatted my HD I set aside a partition to install RedHat into. So now I've gotten around to installing it... it installed fine, but I'm a bit confused.

My brother says that there's a graphical mode, which kind of emulates Windows, but all I can get to is the command line prompt. He used to have Redhat on his computer, and he said "yeah, I had that problem too. I fixed it and got it into graphics, but I can't remember how."

Try typing startx at the prompt. If you properly configured X during the installation it should load up. Otherwise it will fail and spit out a bunch of error messages. If that happens try running redhat-config-xfree86 as root.
Ummmm... I suggest you read the "Getting started guide" on the Red Hat site. It will answer most of your questions. But if you get error messages even after you configured it maybe we can help.

And if you want it to boot into graphical mode all the time instead of the prompt edit the "/etc/inittab" file. Change this line: (ONLY THIS LINE!!!)




But make sure that X is properly set up and works before deciding to do this.
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