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Full Version: Stupid Ip Question/problem
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On my network, my Apache server's ip adress is OK
I can access my site from my other computer on the network.

You know those sites that you can go on that say all that stuff about your ip and isp? I took down that ip address from the computer with the apache server. But when I go at school (or on my network) and type (security....), nothing shows up. Not even the Apache test page. No, I'm not dumb.... the service IS running. Why can't I access it? Or how can I access it?


EDIT: I can ping it. With both IP's
A little more info is required. I assume this is a broadband ISP? Cable or DSL? Your ISP might be blocking webservers running on port 80. Check your users agreement.

What distro? Do you have a firewall running?

I suppose you got your internet address from or the like.
Do you have a firewall? are you using a router to share your high speed internet with the other computers on your network?
OOOHHH!!! That might be it... The port 80 thing.

I'm using Red Hat 7.3 on it. I have DSL (sympatico high speed). Well on that computer I have port 80 open (...duh) and I'm thinking it might be the integrated firewall on my router.

I suppose you got your internet address from or the like.

No, not yet...? I don't have a domain. I only typed up the ip.

But I'll configure my router to let traffic on that port go through and I'll tell you the outcome. And yes the DSL is shared.
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