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I have a small web site and now get the message (reason: 553 5.3.0 DNSBL:To request removal of,[],send and E-mail to when trying to submit the quick quote form on the site. Friends wrote it for me years ago and it is important to my wife's business. I have requested removal but am told it is an open relay problem and I have read up as best I can for months now and do not no how to fix the problem. It is redhat 9 with the latest sendmail to the best of my knowledge. Please anyone, HELP! I am out of work and my wife's is suffering.
I know that you will get black listed if your email server is an open relay. Do you still have sendmail configured as a open relay?
I have been unable to figure out what they consider and open relay. I was told by redhat that sendmail in redhat 9 is not an open relay by default. As close as I can tell it must be in the cgi script that handles the form that is considered open. Thanks
The form shouldn't be a problem ... the issue is probably that your mail server will send mail without requiring a login from any domain, to any domain.

If this a server that you maintain or is it a website on a server maitained by an ISP ... if an ISP machine, they should be able to fix sendmail. If it's your machine, you need to fix sendmail.

RedHat is right about sendmail not being open relay by default ... however, the default won't send any mail, so it had to have been updated.

Here is a page that has some info on the relaying features of sendmail and how to change them.

Here is where you can test the server to see if it is open relay...

Once they test your machine, if it fails, you can see what kind of mail got past here:
I have done the tests and read the docs and do not show as an open relay. I am not getting response to my emails to be removed from the blacklist so I changed the IP address and the dns and now I get (reason: 553 5.1.8 <>... Domain of sender address does not exist). I am not sure where this is coming from. I do not believe that there is an MX record now on the dns with the new IP. Do I have to have an MX record on the DNS server to just submit the form or can I modify the or other file. Thanks
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