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Full Version: My Box Desn't Turn Off
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I have been using Mandrake for several month now. When the 9.0 version appeared I switched and since then I haven't had any problem. But yesterday when I wanted to switch my box off, the computer rebooted instead of halting. I have tried "shutdown -h" as root and I have tried the userfriendly KDE method, but nothing. Has somebody a clue where and how I can adjust the setting?

it appears that u have deleted some files that r required for halting ur pc.
have u tried
and shutdown from gnome menu.
Save everything you're doing, and from the command line issue the command (as root) "init 0" (the number zero). If you're system does not shutdown and halt, then you have some serious problems. To learn more about this, type "man runlevel".
Your init could be screwed up. At the LILO prompt, try forcing single user mode (root required) by entering "linux single" (without the quotes) at the LILO prompt at boot. Once you enter single user mode, try to run init 0 and check for power-off. Sometimes hardware (ram, pci cards, bad mobo) can really screwup.

If as root "init 0" does not halt the system it could be something as trivial as a firmware issue in a piece of hardware. I have experienced with Compaq Deskpro 2000 series and the "a" chip Intel Pro100 nic's a powerdown issue. There was a flaw in the Intel chipset on the Pro100 that forced a remote boot command to the bios, thus preventing it to shutdown and always "reboot". This was documented on the Intel site and they offered to replace the card if you weren't comfortable with burning a new eprom =)

So ... if you are positive that it's not a system problem, check all of your hardware's firmware and see if there are any known bugs (such as mine above).

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