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Full Version: Mandrake 9.2 Samba+ics
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Not sure exactly how to phrase the title of this, but here's my problem..

I recently set up a Mandrake 9.2 box to serve as an internet gateway and to host files for my winxp system.

I've got the network setup up as it should be, and I've gotten the linux box routing internet packets successfully to the WinXP box. I'm also needing to get Samba setup up for file-sharing, so I can host files from the Linux box for the XP box to access.

Here's where the problems start. I'm doing all this through the various wizards, as I need to get this setup before I go diving into the config files which I'm not wholly familiar with.

It seems whenever I enable the "internet connection sharing", I am NO longer able to ping each computer, but the ICS DOES work. After I enable ICS (I'm not exactly sure what it's called in linux) I can no longer share files to the XP box either.

If I go into the firewall wizard in the control center, I can disable the firewall completely, and afterwards I am able to ping each computer, and Samba works as it should. But whenever I disable that firewall, ICS is automatically disabled.

WTF!? Is there anyway to enable BOTH ICS and Samba, and be able to ping the computers like I should? I've read some docs for Samba and IPtables, but I have no idea what these Wizards I'm going through actually control.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I just looked at the Mandrake 9.2 Internet share wizard ... it's called drakgw ... and it uses the firewall program called shorewall. The config files for shorewall are in /etc/shorewall ... there is information at:

I have never used shorewall ... but the documentation on the website looks very informative.

What you want to do is set the inside adapter to allow all connections on port 135,137,138 and 139 from the inside windows machines.
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