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i have found a site were i can download and install apache. my problem is i have to select wich one to download and i have no idea.Linux(x86,libc6) linux(S/390) linux(ia64) Linux(alpha) linux(amd64) or linux x86 RPM downloads?????

i have got red hat 9

pls help?????? feels like im running into a brick wall!!!!!!
Depends on the procesor of your computer. amd64 is for the new AMD 64-bit processor. ia64 is for the good ol Intel Itanium (also 64-bit). I'm not too sure about alpha and s/390 but I think they might be mac. So if you have a Pentium... AMD Athlon or Duron... Or any "PC" non 64-bit processor you need one of the x86 packages. Since you have RedHat 9 take the (x86, libc6). libc6 is a dependency of the package, but you probably have it because of RedHat 9.

PS: next time please put up a more appropriate title! because sometimes people don't read a thread because the title is irrelevant(sometimes me too...)
A version of apache comes with RH 9 .... but it is called httpd.

You might already have it installed ... use the command:

rpm -q httpd

If you don't have it installed ... and if you got up2date working ... use the command:

up2date httpd

to install it...
After installation, the server root is:


The config file is located at:


And the default http directory is:


And the user and group who own the process is apache...
To make the httpd server start when the machine starts and stop when it shuts down, use the commands:

cd /etc/init.d
chkconfig --level 2345 httpd on
chkconfig --level 016 httpd off

RedHat also has a tool called redhat-config-httpd to setup the httpd.conf file... rpm -q redhat-config-httpd to see if you have it installed ....

up2date redhat-config-httpd If you need to install it....

redhat-config-httpd from the command prompt ... or Menu - System Settings - Server Settings - HTTP if you want to run the tool.
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