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Full Version: Virtual Mail Not Delivering
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We have a customer with a large Linux mail server that has hundreds of domains, and hosts dozens of email domains. This has worked without a problem for months.

Yesterday, the owner of this box reported that neither they nor their email customers could retrieve their email via pop3. The message they got was invalid username or password (i.e. a failure to authenticate).

Further investigation turned up the fact that the authentication WAS taking place, or at least vpop3d was recording in the maillog that a pop3 user had successfully authenticated. What was failing was retrieving the mail. In case it helps, we also discovered that:

1) mail was being received, and routed to the correct mailboxes on the Linux machine

2) if there was no mailbox, the authentication message was not given (but, of course, there was nothing to download)

3) if there was no mailbox, sending mail to that address DOES NOT create the mailbox, as it should (and always used to)

Thus it appears to be some kind of permissions issue. Looking into the permissions we find that the vpop3d program runs as root, so it should have all the permissions it needs, and that changing the permissions of the mailbox, the mailboxes directory or the master vmail directory to 777 did not solve the problem.
I don't know what may be causing this specific problem ... but I would load and run chkrootkit.

(I would first check that there are no full partitions on the drive with df -h ... ask the owner if someone was messing around on the box or if any upgrades had just been performed, etc.)
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