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Full Version: Big Network Problem
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OK, I have a HUGE problem. No matter what network card I use (the Intel EtherExpress 10/100 that came with it, or a D-Link DFE-530TX+), this thing will simply NOT access the network at all!

That's not a HUGE problem, immediately, except for one thing... this is my server I'm working on!

I was running Windows (ahem... that's not "windoze" dry.gif) 2000 on it very happily, except that it was lacking a few features - as in, I had to manually create all new accounts on all the running server applications. I was attracted to Linux after seeing a demo of cPanel on another server. And I know Linux is faster (certainly not the X server that runs on it though) than Windows. So after it crashes my desktop during preliminary setup testing, I try to go head-on into it by backing up the data from the server, and installing RHL9 on it.

So far, my server's been down for 2 days now, since the linux guru that was walking me through it, picked up and walked himself away.

I tried switching net cards (obviously), changing cables, using a static IP on the net (properly configured the IP, subnet, gateway, and DNS), and even tried accessing the router itself - - to no avail. Every time it loads the net (via "service network reload" or a reboot), it will say "Determining IP information" (?) failed, if using DHCP. A long delay then [ OK ] if it's on static.

HP NetServer LH3 / 128 RAM / 20 HDD / Promise FastTrak133 TX2 ATA RAID controller (RAID 0 sad.gif) / Intel i960 chipset.

Need help fast, 'cuz I'm in deep sh*t if I can't get my server back online!
EtherExpress 10/100 should work OK ... I have many of those cards:

Do you have a Gnome GUI on your redhat 9 ... are you using redhat-config-network to make the network card changes?

Does it show the card as installed.

Try making an assignement of DHCP in redhat-config-network and then do this command in a terminal window as root:

/etc/init.d/network restart

followed by:


if you have no errors...
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