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Full Version: Were To Go?
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can somebody pls direct me to a site that explains and shows how to set up samba, bearing in mind im new to linux. If it helps im running red hat 9
You can find everything you need here:
What is you exact goal ... to connect to files on a windows PC and allow that PC to connect to Linux ... that is fairly easy.

If you want to run the Linux machine as a windows Primary Domain Controller though, that is tricky.
what im trying to do, is get linux and windows to share files, but also i want to get my linux box live on the net, Internet is currently on my xp box with a asdl modem, connecting through the usb.

can you pls direct me were to go so that i can try and configure this
OK ... to use a Windows as the Gateway to the internet, you need to have a network card (NIC) in the Windows XP machine ... and either a network hub (that the XP NIC and the Linux NIC plug into with regular CAT5 network cables) ... or you need a Crossover network cable to connect the machines directly.

Once you have the cables, you need to setup Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on the XP machine ... HERE is instructions on ICS for XP.

Basically, you want to set the Windows XP NIC to an IP address of per the instructions on the first page above, then you want to select the network connection that goes to the internet (in this case probably a network connection created by the USB driver) ... and share it via the instructions on the 2nd page above ... then you want to connect your Linux Machine to your XP machine (using a crossover network cable or a hub and 2 straight cables) and then set your Linux machine to DHCP and reboot it.

Your Linux machine should now have a IP address and should be able to connect through the internet.
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