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Full Version: Hard Drive Troubles
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I have a 40 gig Linux drive and 15 gig Windows drive. I got DSL, and I do generally use windows more, so with all my downloading, I have only 800 MBs left on my windows drive. Previously, I have tried to split the 40 gig drive, 20 for linux, 20 for windows. I have Red Hat 9. I used sfdisk (i think, i know it was the one the man fdisk described as a "hacker" one). sfdisk (or whatever) messed up the partition table a bit, now there are trailing 1 MB free spaces at the start and end (and sometimes in the middle) of the drive. I was wondering how I could fix the partition table, and get a 20 gig vfat partition (the red hat 9 installer will only let me create a vfat of 2048 MBs). I backed up all my linux files to my windows drive, so I can reinstall red hat all I need. Thanks for any help and sorry about the messiness, I am typing this really fast.
The best tool for changing partitions in multiple OS's (in my opinion) is Partition Magic.

Linux actually needs 2 partitions minumum ... a swap partition (the recommendation is 2 x Memory) and a root partition.

If you are willing to reformat linux, you can use Partition Magic to extend your vfat partition.
There has been a rash of this lately on the forum ... so I will post this now {not because I think you will ask, just for all users to see and understand our policy}:

Please don't ask for a key to activate software on these forums ... we (the staff) will not give out keys, nor do we allow/condone anyone else giving out keys on this forum. This is not a warez, crackz, or appz site. There are plenty of those elsewhere on the web.
I'm a little strapped for cash, do you know of a free program?
Also, about the partition table being messed up, how would I fix it?
I have a Western Digital hard drive
I got Partition Magic and it won't work, because the Master Boot Record is messed up. Is there any way to fix the Master Boot Record?
If you boot to a windows disk that has fdisk, you can issue the command:

fdisk /fixmbr

But Partition Magic should be able to repair it as well....

The free equivilant is GNU parted ... however, it doesn't work very well. (Not at all on NTFS partitions ... not well on some types of Linux partitions ... and it is a console based program.
I have been doing some more research ... there is a FREE graphical tool called QTParted for creating/resizing partitions. It is supposed to work with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, reiserfs, ext2/3.

There is a bootable CD called SystemRescueCd (based on gentoo linux) that contains many utilities including QTparted, PartGui, nano, vim-6.2, MidnightCommander, fdisk, sfdisk, mkisofs, cdrecord, Clam-AntiVirus, lynx and links.

I have been playing with this CD for a couple days now ... it seems OK, but QTParted is not nearly as functional as Partition Magic. I did resize an NTFS partition and it seemed to work.
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