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Full Version: Internet Not Connecting
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Hi there
I really hope that you can help. I purchased the December issue of Linux format in order to be able to install Linux Mandrake 9.2.
I also bought a copy of the Complete Linux Handbook.
This is the first time that I have ever tried Linux. I have used windows since 1997 and have had very few problems but the reports on Linux were simply to good to ignore. So I installed Mandrake using a floppy and then from the DVD. At first all appeared to go well.
Then I hit problems. No matter what I try I simply cannot connect to the internet. I have searched high and low for help on the net but checking out all the FAQs the answers seem far, far too technical or just not relevant. I simply don't understand them. I'm neither a beginner nor am I some kind of computer genius. But many of the answers just blind me with science.
I am very dissapointed as I was lead to believe that Mandrake was the easiest of all for begginers. I have tried everything I can think of but still no luck.
My modem dials out and then after a few seconds tells me I'm not connected. It gives me no clues whatsoever as to what the problem might be. I've checked password and username.

I've tried reinstalling Linux but this has not worked either. The help files just don't help. I really am getting desperate as I was so looking forward to giving Linux a try. I've tried the install wizard but am confused by which choices I should select, There seem many things to select but no explanation as to what each does.
My system runs perfectly under Windows XP.
System is as follows. Athlon 1gig, 640mb Ram, 16mb voodoo 3 video, Hercules Fortissimo 11 sound, 400watt PSU, 120 gig samsung HDD, 20gig Western Digital HDD, Plextor Cdrw , hitachi dvd, Zoom 56k external modem, Epson 830 printer and epson 1260 scanner.
Linux recognises all of these.
Please, please help. I really would like to get in to Linux.
Mark sad.gif sad.gif
Welcome to Linux!

I'd point you to since it's distro-specific.

Username and password aren't enough for connecting to Internet. You'd need an IP, netmask, gateway and 2 DNS'es.
Connecting via a modem to the internet is not always easy in Linux .... especially since most new modems are WinModems (meaning that they don't have all the componets that a full modem would have and use software run by windows to function).

There are some drivers for WinModems ... but I have never used one. (All my connections with linux have been via ethernet).

What is the Modem manufacturer and model?
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