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Full Version: Partitioning Problem
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I'm having a problem to install red hat 9 on my pc.. I go in the disk druid and i press new to add a partition but when i press ok i get this error:Could not allocate requested partitions: Partitioning failed: Could not allocate partitions as primary partitions ... what should i do?

(I'm a newbie and haven't installed linux before and i didn't add any partitions on my hard disk with other programs like partition magic)
I don't know the disk druid, but if you have Windows installed, it should be no problem using partition magic...
maybe it's the same with the disk druid, you have to activate the option "primary partition". Usually you can change this option when you select the disc-format (NTFS, FAT, ext2...)
If the partition isn't a primary one, you can't boot any OS from it...
I notice your use of "partitions" (plural), how many primary partitions are you attempting to create? I ask because there is a limit to how many you can have. I'm also not familiar with Disk Druid, sorry I can't be of anymore help.

You could do what I did, and reduce the size of your current active partition. Then install your linux on unallocated space and it could take care of it for you.
I can't create any partitions... Because when i press new and then ok so the partition is added i get the error "Could not allocate requested partitions: Partitioning failed: Could not allocate partitions as primary partitions" which doesn't let me add any partitions..
Assuming you have windows installed there isn't any more free space to create a partition or you already have 4 primary partitions.

You will have to resize an existing partition to create free space. Be sure to run scandisk and defrag the drive prior to resizing. See Redhat's website for install documentation.
Some questions:

1. DO you have (or want to have) any partitions on this disk (of any kind ... including windows partitions).

2. Do you want to keep the current partitions?

3. Does Disk Druid show any drives and/or paartitions or is it blank?

4. What size is the hard drive?

5. What size does the hard drive show on the computer bios screen when you boot your PC.

6. Is the drive IDE or SCSI .... are you using RAID or a normal controller?

7. What type of processor, how much memory, and what is the name/model of your motherboard?
1+2. i want to keep the windows partition at 14gbs and the partition for linux to be 4gbs. As i have said before i haven't done anything on my hard disk, didn't add/resize any partition.

3. it just detects dev/hda1 and dev/hdb1(my second disk which i dont want to use).

4. the hard drive is 20 gbs

5. 18.6gbs

6. dont know to tell you the truth

7. i have an intel pentium 3 450mhz(pretty slow) 128mb ram but i dont know the name of the motherboard but i'm sure it's an intel one.
you need 2 partitions to install linux (a swap partition and a root partition) ... and 4gb is cutting it VERY close....

If you have the 4gb partition already made, here is what to do...

in disk druuid,

select the 4gb partition and then select should now have 4gb of free space.

now select add ... make a swap partition, select fixed size of 256mb.

now double click the rest of the free space (should be about 3.7 gb) and set that to the / mount point and ext3 for filesystem.

You should be able to do the install, BUT be aware that a standard install of RedHat 9 is 2.5-2.8 gb and you will be cutting it VERY close ... most OSes recommend no more than 80% full and you are 70-75% full already with just that install.

Look here for instructions on disk druid.
the problem is to make the 4gb partition. i have partition magic but it doesn't work because it isn't registered. if anyone can help me to register it pls pm me.
If you DON'T already have the 4gb partition made, you need to defragment your hard drive and use something (like GNU parted{harder, but free} or partition magic {costs money...easier}) to create a new partition.

See your PM ....

BTW, it is agianst the rules (and policies) of this forum to give license keys .... we won't do it OR allow it.

if you want to try and find a key on your own - there are many places to look including:


I am not recommending either place, just providing information.
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