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hi all

I need help pls. I have just installed my first linux box :-) My problem is i have broadband through a service provider 'bt'. after phning them they say they dont support broadband on linux:-( only windows........Can anybody help me as to what i must do now in order to get live on the net,i have searched the net but has been no help.

Is this a DSL connection (with or without PPPOE) or is it a Cable connection?

Do you connect to your modem via an ethernet card, USB, or Firewire?

What is the manufacture and model number of your modem?

What distro of linux did you install?
as im new to this ill try and answer
It is a dsl connection, not sure if it is with pppoe or not.
i connect to the internet through a modem through a usb port.
i installed red hat linux 9

it would be a great help if you can help me, coz i am still batteling to set it up. searched the net everywere.

USB is a little harder ... what is the manufacturer and model number of the modem?

actually having the same problem, I have DSL with pppoe running through a usb port.

the dsl modem is an Alcatel Speedtouch home USB/ethernet modem

I am running Mandrake Linux 9.2

Any help would be great.

@ radarak47

The 2.4.22 linux kernel should already have the SpeedTouch module builtin ... so if you boot with it plugged in, the modem should be detected.

If the modem isn't detected, you can build the proper module using this site:

Here is all you should need to get that modem working ... download the Speedbundle tar.gz file and untar it:

tar -xvzf speedbundle-1.0.tar.gz

Then make sure you have the kernel-source package installed for your current kernel ... do the command uname -r (my output is 2.4.22-26mdk-i686-up-4GB) then goto either this site and download kernel-source-2.4.22-10mdk.i586.rpm if your kernel is 2.4.22-10mdk {or lower} or this site if you have a higher version than 2.4.22-10mdk and download the latest kernel and kernel-source then install them via the command:

rpm -Uvh kernel-xxxx.rpm kernel-source-xxxx.rpm
{substitute the actual kernel version for xxxx in both filenames ... if you upgrade the kernel, reboot and select the new kernel ... make sure to run lilo before rebooting if you use lilo as your bootloader for mandrake}

After proper kernel-source is installed, you should have a directroy named /usr/src/linux that points to the kernel source ... the command:

ls -al /usr/src | grep linux should look something like this:

lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root           18 Jan 13 06:47 linux -> linux-2.4.22-26mdk/
drwxr-xr-x   19 root     root          720 Jan 13 06:47 linux-2.4.22-26mdk/

claen the kernel source directory, then copy the config file from /boot/config-xxxx to the /usr/src/linux/.config and make the kernel include files:

my commands would be:

cd /usr/src/linux
make mrproper
cp /boot/config-2.4.22-26mdk-i686-up-4GB /usr/src/linux/.config
make oldconfig
make dep

now you are ready to go to the directory where you untared speedbundle-1.0 (I put mine in /root/speedbundle-1.0 ... yours may be different) ... once in the correct directroy, issue the command:

(I'm in /root/speedbundle-1.0)

cp ppp_scripts/speedtch-pppoe ppp_scripts/speedtch

then edit the file ppp_scripts/speedtch and replace "username" with your username from your ISP.

Then from within the speedbundle-1.0 directroy, run the command ./configure and follow the directions (one at a time) until you get a good configure ... then run the commands:


after a good make ... run

make install
the modem i have is: Bt voyager 100 USB ASDL modem.
Do i do the same is your last reply?

First try this command:


and try to setup a xDSL connection .... if your modem is detected. If you don't have internet-druid, install the package:

redhat-config-network and redhat-config-network-tui

Which you can download from here
If the modem is not recognized, HERE and HERE are instructions concerning how to make that modem work.
@ hughesjr

thanks for all the help so far, i have been reading this topic with interest because i have a similar problem. I have purchased SuSE 9.0 Pro and am having difficulty setting up my internet access. I was connected with Windows XP to using the Speedtouch Alcatel Modem mentioned above. I followed you instructions to radarak47 with the execption of the kernal stuff because i believe the kernal source is allready installed as when i did ls -al /usr/src | grep linux i got something very similar to yours (though my processor is athelon).

The one thing i didn't do was clean the kernel source directory because i wasn't sure which one this was and I didn't want to clean anything important.. unsure.gif

I followed the rest of the results to the letter...

When I was doing ./configure (after entering username pasword several times etc) it then came up with error no firmware so i copied alcaudsl.sys into firmware/firmware.bin and then it ./configured fine!!

when i maked it a few times it got stuck at an error and i don't know what to do now!!!

you'll probably want to see the error so i'll get it and post it next (have to reboot into SuSE and write CD etc... ).

Anyway, does this make any sense? Was I doing the right thing copying that firmware in? Its what it said to do in the place I got SpeedBundle from. Do I need to clean that directory? Which one is it?

Interestingly, although my modem doesn't work my mouse wheel now does and it didn't before!! Also, I can autocomplete in a shell using tab which didn't work before, so things are improving!! laugh.gif

many thanks in advance

oooh, afterthought. i think mine is set up as pppoatm. its connected to the usb.

i'm really confused now, looking in your newbie files it says about setting up adsl. the guy said he chose adsl cos wasn't in broadband area!! But i thought adsl was broadband. I'm on virgin broadband and my login is can someone please help me understand what's what? unsure.gif
adsl = broadband
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