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Full Version: Ftp Refused, Why?
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Chimera Veracity
I have a Red Hat 9 box setup next to this one (local network.) It has two users on it, basically everything installed/not active, and a DNS server. I was programming in php and all of a sudden the box stopped accepting connections. Pingable, http works fine, dns works fine, but bad FTP via error 10061 on CuteFTP, WSAStartup not initialized on EditPlus, it said it was being refused.

The most I can say that changed on the box was I setup DNS to run a week or two ago and that's about it. I'd say more changes happened but I'd been programming lately and not working on the box (I'm not FTP'ing dns entries but local IP.)

- Oh yeah, I also installed Proftp but that got the same exact error so I don't think it's the FTP servers.

Anyways, why would the box just start refusing FTP connections like that (I say refuse because that cuteftp error I looked up and it said refused)?
It could be a firewall issue on the linux box ... as a test - disable iptables like this:

/etc/init.d/iptables stop

Then try connecting .... if it works, you need to add rules for allowing FTP into the machine.

(it could also be a name issue ... did you change the DNS name / hostname for the linux box?)
Chimera Veracity
hughesjr - Want to login and check it out? I managed to fix one thing by reinstalling it but ftp server still not working. Can't even ftp localost and I'm confused about this. Firewall allows ftp connections. Send me an email if you wanna take a quick look
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