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Full Version: Mail Server Not Getting Mail...
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I have a redhat 9 server box that is set up as my mail server, supplying IMAP support to external clients. I can connect my mail client from another computer and access the folders and stuff that are on the server. Also i can send mail internally from one user to another and it will show up when i connect through an IMAP client on another computer.

My problem is this. If i try and send mail to user@ipaddressofserver the server does not get the mail. Weird thing is when i hit enter and send it, i can verify that the mail is getting to the server, the light blinks on that computer (its on a seperate network from the one im sending from and exposed directly to the internet), but the mail never gets to the user mailbox. Nor do any of the logs report that mail was recieved and there was just an error.

I am using the internal redhad deamons for the server BTW, not anything external. My thought is something with sendmail is rejecting it, but im not sure.

When setting up the server i said not to put up a firewall, so i know that is not in the way.

Any ideas what could be going wrong?

Thx in advance! wink.gif
by default sendmail is configured to only listen
on the ip address so it will not relay mail
from another computer.

you have to look for the line in your file
that has and put "dnl" without the "'s at the
beginning of the line and then save the file
and then run make -C /etc/mail at a command line
the restart sendmail
Hey thanks for the reply. I figured it out about an hour ago, just came back to delete my post, but too late tongue.gif

Thx for the help though!
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