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Full Version: Suse/red Hat Dual Installation
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Hi friends & gurus:

Please help me out with this problem. I am a relative newbie when it comes to linux. I am trying to set up a dual boot box that comprises of suSE 7.3 and RH 7.3. I first installed suSE, then Red Hat. The installation went w/out any problem. However, when I did a reboot after the RH installation, the only thing shows up was RH, and suSE was nowhere to be seen. I did instruct RH to use LILO and store it in the MBR.

Any suggestion/advice how I can get around this problem.

Also, I notice something that was rather weird with RH 7.3. I could not find the KornShell (ksh) anywhere. I did a "which ksh" command and was told it's not found. What's odd about this was that I was using it last night, on the same box w/the same RH 7.3. Just to be sure, I also checked out other shells, and they're there, except for ksh. Any idea about this "mysterious" disappearance.

Thanks in advance for all the help.


I am running on PIII with 512 RAM & 80G HD. The HD consists of 2 40G disks.
Hi John,

When you installed Red Hat it overwrote suse's lilo config. One way to "fix" this would be to boot into red hat and edit your lilo.conf file and have it include your suse kernel image. Then save the file and run /sbin/lilo.

No idea about ksh but its probably on the cd waiting to be installed.
Will try that and see if this takes care of the problem. Thank you for the prompt response/advice.

By the way, would you suggest that I install suSE on disk 1 (/dev/hda) and Red Hat on the 2nd disk(/dev/hdb)? Being a newbie, I opted for the "automatic" option and let installation spreads things onto both disks, with /, /boot, and /home on disk1 and /usr, /var, and /opt on disk b. Please advise.

Thanks once again for the prompt response/advice.

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