Booting /install/GUI problem

I have recently purchased a version of Red hat Linux 9
(Around 5 days ago) and immediately I picked up the
manual and began to install it. Reaching the ‘boot:’ prompt I
pressed enter and waited for the install to setup. It successfully
detected my mouse and I my screen too (It appeared with ‘151m
monitor’) the install began, and like the manual said, it
attempted to detect a compatible screen mode. Having an
NVIDIA Geforce 5400 I assumed everything would be fine, but
it wasn’t. The screen stopped switching modes and everything
just went black. After waiting a couple of minutes, I restarted
my computer and attempted to ‘boot: Linux lowres’. This did
the same, but this time the screen popped up with a message
(Generated by the screen itself, not the install) with the message
‘NFREN: Out of range’. After this, I decided it could just be a
glitch, so I booted in to text install. It installed fine – well that’s
what I thought… Restarting for the first boot proved rather
irritating - The screen stopped and just went black! Being this
the actual system, and not just an install, I assumed it was my
graphics card, and like the manual said (Under ‘NVIDIA chipset
problems’) I went to the Nvidia site to look for an updated
Linux driver. Reaching this, I realised that to be able to install
the driver thingy – I would have to be able to see what was on
my screen (And that all the drivers seemed to be for Linux 7!)
Finally I arrived to the conclusion of my screen, yet trying
multiple different screen options etc. in the install, nothing
changed. Any suggestions?

Here are my PC specs (Just in case):

2.4 GHz
NVIDEA Geforce 5400 with 128mb of video RAM
256MB System RAM
Samsung (Model unknown) TFT 15 inch flat screen
120GB Hard disk