Well I've gotten Red Hat 9.0 installed, and removed all the unecesary services etc.
Also managed to set up Squid Proxy Server, it works ok, but I've got a question.
My squid.conf file looks like this :

reference_age 1 week

What I would like to do is to ban all pornsites from the local users, what should I enter here to do this? [note I've tried the example on the www.linuxhelp.net, but haven't succeded , that is why I'm asking for help, so please do be so kind and help me , by finishing this conf file with the requiered lines if possible, thank you]

The next question would be since there are 60 computers in the LAN [wired,wireless], I'm seperating about 20 machines from the rest by moving them from 192.168.0.x to 192.168.1.x the webpages and downloads are done by the proxy, but It would be really nice if somehow with IPTables or with Squid I could allow the clients to ping [only this, no other in the 192.168.0.x], so that they could see that the internal network is working OK, and make the rest of the internet pingable.
I was playing along with IPtables and made possible the pinging, but I ended up pinging everything, and I don't want to allow that, only, and the internet.

Please be so kind and help me!!!

Robert B