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Full Version: Linux Newbie Is Stuck
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I have just set up a dual boot system on my computer, Things aren't going too well though i'm afraid to say sad.gif. I have set up a dual boot with Windows XP and RedHat 7.3. My system spec is ASUS A7V-266-E Motherboard, 256meg PC2100 RAM, Ge-Force 2 Ti 200 64Meg, Athlon XP 1600+, one seagate 30gig 5400Rpm hard drive and one 80gig 7200rpm hard drive. My indows XP is installed on the 80 gig which is partitioned into 2 32gig and one 12 gig partition. Red hat 7.3 is installed on the 30 gig. When the grub boot loader loads up there is 3 versions of red hat available and Windows XP. When i try to load one of these Linux versions and log in with either my guest or root account i get a segmentation error and the guest account doesnt load the grey bar at the bottom (I'm new to Linux) I though maybe the guest acount isnt meant to have one but its when i try to load things i feell like crying, It is so slow! I think if my computer can run UT2K3 on nearly full graphics it should be able to cope with chromium but it just cant it runs awfully slow for about a minute then crashes. Please can you give me some advice on how to speed things up and let me know whether there should be them 3 versions of linux in the boot manager. The boot also fails on loading the Eth0 (?) but carries on. If you know anything that could help me get linux to run faster please let me know as im dieng to get into it properly. Thanks.
I haven't used Redhat since like 6.0, which was almsot 2 years ago. Grub is not one of the "standard" linux loaders -- LILO is most common. From what you describe, it sounds like RedHat has misidentified your videocard and your NIC. I don't want to come off as trite, but migrate to Mandrake or SuSE as they have better system auto detection schemes for the linux newbie to install. You can download Mandrake or purchase SuSE personal edition. My preference is SuSE, but everyone has an opinion :-)

Actually Red Hat uses grub as the default boot loader now. I think it's been that way since the 7.x series smile.gif
I have heard that some 2100 mem chips run real slow and fauly in linux. If you have something else laying around try them.
And yes there should be three RH/linux links on the loader. Two are for a safe boot for repairs and the other is for normal start up.
You should try checking the MKD5SUMS for the RH disks then reloading/installing the os. Maybe something was a little buggy in loading.
Not that this helps or anything, but nice system...
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