I am newbie at Linux (I even hesitate to rate myslef that high.) I have installed Mandrake 9.1 and samba. Samba appears to be working. I can get clients to logon and read and write files in folders.

I do seem to have permission problems. In particular, quickbooks is causing me grief. Multiuser mode quickbooks creates a file "company name".QBI, when the first user access the file and deletes it after the last user logs off. Unfortunaltely, even though the folder is set to allow everyone to read and write, when the file is create, the person (user) creating it is the only one allowed to write and Quickbooks thinks it is in forced single user mode.

How do I get files created in the folder to inherent the folders permissions. I would hate to switch from user security to share security to overcome this porblem but am willing if that is a solution and there is no other way.

Thanks for giving me a hand.