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Can you help me I have a lot of friends who tell me about a program that there tell me it's great I asked then what is it and that Just say it's Wine

I ask them what does it do and there give me the dumb look and say nothing can you help a newbie in linux..... sad.gif
You should utilize online search engines. and are nice ones. type something in like
Linux, Wine
Simple, no? I hope you get good results. This process is just like going to the library and finding the sources you need for your paper.

Runs Windows applications as far as I know(e.g., notepad.exe).

P.S. Your run-on sentences were really confusing. Please proofread before posting for more accurate assistance from users.
From ....

2.1. What is Wine and what is it supposed to do?

Wine is a program which allows the operation of DOS and MS Windows programs (Windows 3.x and Win32 executables) on UNIX operating systems such as Linux. It consists of a program loader, which loads and executes a Windows binary, and a set of libraries that implements Windows API calls using their UNIX or X11 equivalents. The libraries may also be used for porting Win32 code into native UNIX executables, often without many changes in the source. Wine is free software, and its license (contained in the file LICENSE in each distribution) is the LGPL.

Here is the FAQ from WineHQ.

I personally don't use WINE ... if I HAVE TO RUN a windows program, then I run it on windows XP (which generally is a much more stable environment for windows programs). Wine will allow you to run some windows programs (not very good with anything that requires Direct X ... like games ...... and not very good with complicated programs like MS Office).
I guess it's better to run a dual boot system yhen running Wine for windows programs, If so can Linux still run in the back as windows is loading for eg: my how network is running on linux sever only,
can i run dual boot and still use linux as net work control for my web and file sharing and running windows at the same time if you get the idea!!!!!

Can you please help,

My network system is amd 2.8mhz with msi motherboard with 2g of ram with tnt32 vidreo card and a maxtor hard disc it's has a copper 1g network card running Red hat 9.0 ent with a cannon 356j printer on it, My other systems are amd 64bit 3.2 systems run also linux on them and i am running a 24 port 10/100/1000 switch with my 64bit chips can i do this with windows !!!
If you are interested in actually running two operating systems simultaneously, then you are looking at something like VMWare. Wine is mainly for running one or two windows applications in linux, and its extra layers of emulation really slow it down. Wine isn't capable of emulating the entire Windows operating system. VMWare actually loads the Windows operating system inside of linux (I'm fuzzy on the details) and thus will give your Windows applications higher performance than Wine.
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