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I am trying to setup a cluster with three computers using the clic software built on mandrake 9.0. I am having some trouble with it and their mailing list archives and documentation isn't helping, so i need someone's help and/or opinion. 1st question: what should the host names of the nodes and server be (or should they be the same)? 2nd: what should the dns, the gateway, and the ip address for the nodes and server be? 3rd: should my boot rom chips be 32k or 64k? 4th: in the documentation it says they reccomend you do a network install bu booting to pxe. when i tried that it displayed a little info, said it had a timeout, and shut off after about 15 seconds. what do i need to do for a network install. 5th: another option for install is cd. i install the software and run the setup command, then what? 6th: with the network cards i have there is a floppy. I was told to put in a dos floppy, boot to that, switch it out and configure stuff. there is a package called on the floppy. Is that importiant to the cluster? also, i can't unzip it with my dos boot disk. anyone know where i can get one or is there another way? Also, i don't think it would work, but doews anyone know if i could take the clic files and put them on redhat 9? i just like redhat a lot a would like to do it with that.... if i could. and finally, am i going about this the wrong way and is there a faster and easier alternative then clic that is easy to do? I have about 6 days to set this up, and need some assistance!!

Aslo i forgot to mention what i need to do. I have three 3GHz computers and need to get them to run at 9GHz, and run a few benchmarks to prove it is 9GHz. that's all.
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