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Full Version: First Install Of Mandrake Xfree Problems
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I installed mandrake 9.2 last night. It went right to a prompt so i typed in my username and password and then was at another propmt. I wanted to start up gnome so i typed startx. There seems to be a problem. It gives me an error saying that no devices are detected and that there was a fatal server error: no screens found. I have no clue what to do. I dont know anything about linux so this is all new to me. Forgive me if everything i say is wierd.

Sounds like the video card (or monitor) was improperly detected / configured.

What is the manufacturer and models for your monitor and video card?

What does your /etc/X11/XF86Config file have in the Section "Device" and Section "Monitor" sections (I'll post mine as an example):

Section "Device"
       Identifier      "NVIDIA Corporation GeForce FX-5200"
       Driver          "nvidia"
       #Driver         "nv"
Section "Monitor"
       Identifier      "NEC E1100"
       HorizSync       31.0-82.0
       VertRefresh     55.0-120.0
       Option          "DPMS"

You need to become familiar with a console text editor (we are going to edit that /etc/X11/XF86Config file from the command prompt later wink.gif )... there are many out there, including:

vim <--- My recommedation

I would recommend that you take the time to learn vim {because it is installed on almost all Linux and UNIX machines I have ever seen since 1985 .... and it'll make you a geek! biggrin.gif}. Actually I recommend it because it is so widely installed that you will be able to use it in almost any UNIX or Linux environment. I normally use vi from a terminal window even in GUI based linux...

Here are a couple vim howto's:
(pdf) Vim Tutorial
The Vim Help File
Ight i fixed the problem last nite. I put the ati linux driver on a cd and installed it from the console. Once i set up my config file i was good to go. Im still having problems tho. The number one annoyance is my mouse keeps cutting out. It seems like the computer freezes but it doesnt i can switchbetween desktops but i cant move my mouse. Whats goin on there? Number 2. I knew i was goin to have a problem here, but it recognizes my dlink 520 wireless card but it does not recognize it as a ethernet adapter. How can i use it to connect to my lan through linux?

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