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My name is Andrew Powell and I am currently seeking computer advice. Right now I am constructing a cluster out of three computers and hope to make them come together with parallel computing. Each computer is 3 GHz and my goal is to make them run together at 9GHz. I am using Clic software built on Linux Mandrake 9.0. The computers each have a MSI K4 motherboard, a Western Digital 30Gb IDE hard drive, NVIDIA Ge Force Fx 5200 graphics cards, and a network card with PXE boot rom chips. During the cluster setup process I have encountered a problem. In the terminal I typed in “setup_auto_cluster” and the computer began installing the files for my cluster. It took me through the installation process on the master and when it finished a screen came up that said the computer was now waiting for the nodes to boot up. It said that the PXE should be the first device on the boot sequence and when it started up the nodes would be detected. However, I booted up the nodes and nothing happened. I purchased the network cards with the boot rom chips so it would boot to the network first. But there is no choice in the Bios to choose the network. The cards are Linux compatible and the boot rom chips came with a disk but I cannot get the computer to read from the disk and install the software I probably need to boot to the network first. I am stuck and really need some advice. I have a second network card on the motherboard but it is small and doesn’t have boot rom. I have the proper Ethernet switch for my computers and I have also checked in the integrated peripherals section of the bios but there is no network related things there. I am not sure if there is am easier way, if there is some other software I need, or if I should get a different operating system. I am wondering if anyone can be of assistance. I am stuck right now and trying to fight a deadline. Thank you for your time.
hi again,

also for your information i am in high school and am doing this as a science fair project. This is why it is so urgent someone give me ANY advice at all, even an idea. I will accept ANY suggestions you have.


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