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Full Version: Files Disapear From My Mounted Partiton
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I created a ext2 partition and mkefs2, then I created a mount to /mnt/lfs and started storeing files. After rebooting my system however the files are gone.

I added the mount to fstab but still my files disapear.

I am trying to build a linux from scratch distro
As long as you successfuly unmounted partition prior to reboot, then the files should still be there. Make sure that the partition is mounted by executing the "mount" command by itself and make sure /mnt/lfs is there. If it's not, then it's not mounted properly and would explain why mount point /mnt/lfs is empty.

# mount -t ext2 /dev/hdaX /mnt/lfs
was unaware I had to unmount, but is there then a way to have it automaticaly unmount for me on reboot? I noticed when i do a reboot it says unmounting filesystems but how do I put mine in there.

I think that the /mnt/lfs is being mounted corectly, I am able to store and retrieve files while logged in, only when I reboot they are lost.
If the file system is in /etc/fstab (and it mounts properly on boot, it will unmount as well on shutdown/reboot.

If you mount manually, you should unmount manually as well prior to shutdown ... although the system will try to unmount it.

I don't know why some files would go away .... is it totally gone or just some files missing?
Yes the files are totaly gone, all 15 tar.gz files. I tryed downloading another two and again after reboot they are gone.

I had followed the directions in a book to add enteries to fstab so that /mnt/lfs was mounted to /dev/hda5 where fdisk -p reports my partiton to be located

possible I typed the line wrong, but I gave up on RedHat linux, so I just put Mandrake Linux in last night over top of RH and I hope this will be easyer, I am gona try to add again to my fstab table and see what the results are

I thank you for your patience, please stand by I will post results.
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