Hi, im migrating from windows to linux, but i have a problem with my ppp configuration. Im using a "U.S. Robotics 56k Voice PCI" modem (wich i think is a hardware modem, but i'm not sure)
and kppp to help me config the connection.
The problem is that when I try to conect it'll stay with the "initializing modem" saying its wating for an OK (i dunno from where). When i query the modem all the ATI's fields are empty, and when I open the terminal it doesnt let me write anything (like if the keyboard didnt work).
Sorry for my newbieness (a new word tongue.gif ) but I have been looking for the solution to this problem for the past four days, and i found a lot of people with my same problem but no answers.
PLEASE if anybody knows the solution to this problem let me know, it's driving mi nuts.

PD: And on the top of that I have to keep using billy's crapy OS until i solve this, please save me!!