ok I need help wiht getting my display to work right. i have the downloaded mandrake 9.2 and kernel 2.6.0. I went to the intel site to get the driver for my 82852/82855 GM/GME. its also know as the Intel Extreme Graphics. I have the 1040x1050 laptop display. I know that the chipset only support 1024x768 16bit in linux. My issue is that everytime I boot I have to do a scan and use those dang VESA driver during the load and I can't see the hole screen I have to use the mouse to scroll across to see the rest of it. can anyone help me out? The installtion went prefect it claimed that it found my display and then I rebooted and get that lovely black and white text on the top of my boot splash saying VESA Driver Please hit Enter to list Display Modes or Scan or press space to conutine. I have done the instruction from intels website many of times.