Welcome to the newly formed (reformed) "Programming in Linux" forum. The purpose of this forum is to ask questions, answer questions, and provide information/documentation to help users with their programming needs. If you are a programmer, please feel free to drop by often, we are always in need to knowledgable users to answer questions. Even if you are a new programmer, you may be able to provide ideas, or links to help another one out. Remember, this is a community, and in a community we help each other out as best we can.

I am a new programmer myself, and I'm always in need of a little help and explanation here and there. I do feel though we should set some sort of guidelines for the forum, just to keep things on track.

What to post:
  • Questions regarding any programming or "interpreted" language
  • Tips or suggestions that may be helpful to other users
  • Guides and tutorials for languages or programs used for programming
  • Links to tutorials that are freely available on the internet

What not to post:
  • Questions on compiling a certain piece of software, this should be posted in our Technical Support forum

That's it, so please enjoy the forums, and I hope that lots of people stick around to help out.

Thank you,