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Full Version: Kernel 2.6.0
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Time for another poll, how about some humor served up with this one?
Well, I've tried several of the test kernels, but never quite ready to put it prime time on my box. I'll stick to 2.4 until about 2.6.10 i'm sure, i never fully moved to 2.4 until I actually had a need to.
I'm actually running 2.6.2-mm1 with a couple of patches and handwritten patches on my iBook G4 (otherwise the kernel won't even compile). I also use ReiserFS, and inted to try ReiserFS 4 on this Mac once I have enought time for debugging

By the way, I did'nt got any kernel panic yet... I mean not today! ;o)
I am killing time right now wile Mandrake 10 updates so I can get my 2.6 kernel all patched up for my dual monitor goodness. So I thought I would pop my head in here and let everyone know because I know you all care so much about me.

I keep thinking about putting linux on my G4 Powerbook but I have never sucked up the guts to do it. I think I will leave my OSX alone for now, what I really want to do is upgrade to 10.3 but I haven't managed to find 70 bucks laying around yet. Maybe when summer hits and I have a job again.
I have Kernel-2.6 lying around in my Redhat-9.0 system..
May be i will check it out...but i heard you will need new version of gcc.
is it true..????
I have compiled the 2.6 kernel with gcc-3.2.2-5 from redhat ... but there are a lot of other things you must do to the init scripts, kudzu, the redhat-config scripts, insmod, etc. (to get all the autodetect things to fuction properly and the modules to load properly)

Basically, from a redhat 9 perspective, I broke the 2.4 compatibility when I shifted to a 2.6 kernel.

The system worked ok that way, but it was a pain to shift back to the 2,4 kernel. (in fact, since it was a test box, I deleted everything and reinstalled RH9 again rather than trying to fix it)
Ha!! Everyone here has only experienced Kernel 2.6.x. I Have on the other hand been in 9! Muahahahaha!

Well.finally i am using kernel-2.6 and the most important thing is ,i don't feel any differance at all. smile.gif
Im Running OSX 10.3. What can i say? I lov the interface?

Well ... I am using the 2.6 kernel in Debian, Gentoo, Slackware, Fedora, Mandrake, Ubuntu and SUSE now. In fact, the only 2.4 kernel I am still running is on CentOS/WBEL.
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