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Full Version: Cannot Find Locate In Suse 9.0
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Searched forums also elsewhere .. lots of posts on 8.2 not 9..
logged in as root Running suse 9 Pro .. the locate command is missing . searched packages for locate and updatedb .is locate part of suse 9 or somewhere else ??

linux:~ # find / iname - "locate"
proc/2059/fd: no such file or directory

linux~ # locate
bash locate: command not found

linux~ # find / -iname "updatedb"
proc/2059/fd: no such file or directory

linux~ # updatedb
bash updatedb: command not found

findutils is installed

any ideas !!
Did you customize the install packages? locate runs the first time you log into KDE.

If you're root, try

source /etc/profile

Check to see if you have this file installed:


( rpm -q findutils-locate )

If not you can download it from
locate - yep ! thanks ..

but now im trying to

make: command not found

configure: commmand not found

setenv: command not found

all work in suse 8.2 , is there another package missing ?
Just an info for RedHat / Fedora users:

These RPM-based linuxes use mlocate for locate/updatedb

cd into your DVD Packages folder and issue:

rpm -ivh mlocate*
Welcome to LinuxHelp.

Just a FYI while you did provide some good information responding to a 4 year old thread will not help the OP.
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