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Full Version: Lets Install Linux ;)
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Hi all to those who know/remember me.

Havent used Linux for yrs now, and think its time I catch up, if I have missed anything? I was debating which dist to install; I used to run Debian, but have been told its now dead. So gonna try this last copy of RH9.

You lot still use IRC nowadays or purely the forum?
Welcome back PC_Wizard! Long time no see!

We don't hang out on IRC anymore as a Linuxhelp group, I am still on IRC a lot though, you can find me on EFNet in #goodtimes or on in #livid . By the way, i used to be tourettes, so, you probably don't recognize my current nic.

I think you have the distros reversed, Debian is still alive, it's Redhat that's pretty much dead. They stopped producing their free linux distro to focus on Enterprise linux. They kind of release free linux under the name of Fedora, which is still not stable enough to use according to joey.

I am currently using Gentoo, for experienced linux users, it's a nice alternative to Debian. The majority of current Gentoo users are formet Debian users.
i just dl'ed whiteboxlinux.
im going to give it a try.
Hey Luke,

I'm glad to see you're still kickin around. Msg me on MSN when you get a chance -
Debian is still out there ... I use Debian (Sid / unstable) on my main workstation. I used to use RH9 until RedHat stopped support for all their non-enterprise releases (everything except RH9 at 12/31/03 and RH9 in the May 2004) and decided that Fedora Core would be there new test platform.

Gentoo is pretty fun as well...

I agree with Joey about Fedora Core
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