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Full Version: F%!* Linux :ph34r:
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hi alll blink.gif
i'm a new user to linux this is the first week and i hate this system
maybe becuz i can't do anything on it like i do before on windows .

lke msnmessenger or yahoo messenger or listening to mp3.

i really need ur help if anyone know how to install msnmessenger or yahoomessenger on this system

i have kde and a new version of bios

there is a thing in my desktop nemed terminal (i think that all the programs will be installed from this icon)
i have visit the yahoo messenger site and they have yahoo messenger on linux but i don't understand anything cuz i don't know what's redhat or debian or freebsd) and i read too on the yahoo site that if i want to install yahoo messenger on the linux system it's important to log to root and typr
what's root and type)

maybe it's a stupid question to ask how to install a program on linux but i really i dunno know howwwwwwwww??? blink.gif unsure.gif cool.gif huh.gif wink.gif

good bye and 10x for ur help if any one wanna really to help me plz send me ur help on my email
if you going to use such language we have
the right to not help you...of course this is my opinion...
I agree, such language is not nessesary on a free linux user forum.

If you would like to install an instant messanger that supports such protocols as Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, etc. The best, in my opinion for Linux and windows is Gaim. When you download the package, you should read the included README and INSTALL files, they are invaluable and will guide you through step by step in installing the program to your system.

Almost all software for linux includes these files, it's easy for someone to walk you through holding your hand, but you''re best to read first.
mad.gif ----I edited the name of this topic---- mad.gif

Please try and control your language... Since this is your first post on this board, I didn't delete it. I will delete any others that contain that type of language.
The method of installing programs depends on the distribution of GNU/Linux you are using. I can (and will be glad to) give you more specific instructions on the installation and use of Gaim if you provide me with the name of your distro.
If something like this occurs again feel free to just delete the post. Corey - you can ban IP's through the admin tool as well.
Try aMSN for MSN Messenger. Its almost a complete remake of the original. Make sure TCL/Tk is installed on your system, then just extact it to /home/yourlogin.
Type ./amsn or wish amsn in the shell/terminal and it should bring it up. You can also make an icon for it on the desktop or a panel, just name it aMSN and make the Command:
You should be set to go after that.
Get aMSN Here
As for Yahoo Messenger, I don't use it or I would help you with that problem as well.

Good luck.
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