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Full Version: Simple Media Player & Howto
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Can someone point me in the direction to a simple to setup media player to play my mp3s on. I want one that is easy on the cpu. Also, if you could tell me to how to set it up, that would help a lot. Thanks.
The best media player in linux for playing mp3s is XMMS. Go to their websize and download the package. Depending on the distro you are running, there is different files for you to download. For example, if you run redhat, then you would want to download the RPM, the safest thing is to download the tar.gz file and extract it with "tar zxvf xmms-whatever.tar.gz", then reading the README and INSTALL files to get exact instructions on installing it.

For video, the best player, in my opinion is MPlayer, though it is said that MPlayer is tough to install for new users, there is plenty of documentation on their website to guide you through.
I agree with Corey on both counts...XMMS and MPlayer.
I like mpg123

It's great, fast and takes up hardly any resources. It's not pretty but it works.

"And remember, if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."
It's great, fast and takes up hardly any resources. It's not pretty but it works.

Mplayer ain't pretty either, but it works smile.gif
gmplayer is very pretty ... and it works pretty well with point and click.

I sometimes use rythombox for mp3's too.
I use Juk now for my mp3 playing, it is now included in the upcomming KDE 3.2 . Ever since iTunes was released for Windows, i've grown accustomed to these types of audio programs, while Juk is not even close to the quality of iTunes, it's a start.
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