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Full Version: Power Of Emacs....
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I am writing this coz..i believe GNU/Linux is meaningless without emacs...
1.To start emacs:-
from command prompt
$ emacs &
2.Initial concepts-
when emacs is started you can has two frames..
1.main Window:where you do your typing etc...
2.message area(small area at bottom):where commands issued by you or messages by emacs are displayed....
2.Initial commands:-

ctrl-x,ctrl-f To start a new file or open an existing file:
when you press this can see you can type name of file you want open in message press enter to open file..
Now you can start typing...
To save a once you have finished typing can use this command to save the file...
To quit emacs...if you have some files open and they are not saved..then emacs will prompt you to save the file...just keep an eye on message area.
to go the beginning of a line
ctrl-e or end
to go to end of line
to go to beginning of buffer(every open with opened using a buffer..the file will be written to hrd disk if you press
to go to end of buffer
to start a shell with in emacs...syntax highlighting and clear screen is not supported..can't browse man and info pages from this shell window..
supports clear screen,and you can start vi and even you can browse man and info get color highlighting..type
following command at the prompt...

to browse man pages..
to browse info pages...
to listen to mp3 will need mpg123.el for that..checkout my other post...
to browse web pages...supports images...even....
to work with files and directories...
to compile a file...the dafault command is make -k..but you can change that...
to debug a file...
to switch betweeb buffers
to list all buffers
ctrl-/ or ctrl-x,u
to undo .emacs file...
.emacs is basically the file that should be in you home directory..
i am writing this post from a window i don't have exact contents now..but i think it goes something like this...
;;so set background color to black
(set-background-color "black")
;;to set foreground color to lemon chiffon
(set-foreground-color "lemon chiffon")
;;to set cursor color
(set-cursor-color "plum")
;;to disable menu bar
(menu-bar-mode nil)
;;to disable tool bar
(tool-bar-mode nil)
;;to enable font lock
(global-font-lock-mode t)
;;to set font
(set-frame-font "-**fixedsysttf*****17*******")

4.The power
So you may ask the power of emacs..then i answer...
the power of emacs lies.. easy configuration.. for many programming languages... need not to have several emacs can switch between them.. can check mails,listen to songs,work with shell simultaneously in a single emacs...window...
o.And many other things..i don't know...i guess i discover a new thing in emacs each's amazing...isn't it???
o.people compare Vi and Emacs...but i guess...emacs is far more superior...(A true Program(ATP))
5.command conventions:
when i say..ctrl-x,ctrl-f: it means press x and f,while you keep ctrl key pressed.
when i say:ctrl-x,u:it means press x while you keep ctrl key pressed and now leave ctrl key and press u...
alt-x-info:meand press x while you keep alt key pressed...and now type info
ctrl-home:here home means home key on your keyboard
sounds a bit tough but it is really powerful....once you get used to it..

PS:i am writing a small emacs tutorial..and will post out..
and believe is not at all tough...

When you are done the tutorial please email it to me at and I'll gladly post it in our Guides Page. smile.gif
I think everyone will agree with me when I say:

Vi pwns emacs.

*insert cartoon with a depiction of vi beating emacs with a baseball bat*

Anyone who doesn't agree with me is clearly insane. *nods sagely*
Strictly as an editor, I like vi as well (it is all I ever use ... I even installed it on my windows workstation).

The difference is that emacs is more than merely an editor ... (see this)

Here is what the latest release notes say:
Emacs version 21 supports variable width and height fonts, playing sounds and the inclusion of images in a document, as well as tool bars, plus nicer menus and scroll bars.

So, what vi does (actually I like vim), it does very well ... and I don't need to use emacs, because I use vim for all my editing needs ... BUT, I conceed that emacs is probably more flexible.
Maybe I just don't have a clue how to use vi right, wich is probably true, but I think that emacs blows vi out of the water even as just a basic code editor.

The simple fact that when I am writing code in emacs it colorizes all my key words so I can easly look and see "ok, thats a method, thats a constant, thats a comment..." is totally invaluable to me. Now someone is going to come back and say vi can do that to, and than I conceed my point, but when I started my first CSci class the prof said spend a day or two in both emacs and vi than pick one and never look back. I tried both, and man, emacs was better out of the gate than vi ever was to me.

In conclusion, I am an emacs man and proud of it.
What happened to the tutorial i send to you joey...I think the tutorial was not well formatted...but in the mean while i have written a more detailed HTML format....
vim colorizes code during programing as well .. it has very powerful search and replace features ... and many other features.

I actually agree with your CSci class prof though ... try them both, learn one in depth, and stick with it.

I have 20 years invested in learning vi .... I have only dabled in emacs ... so I can do much more in vim than I can do in emacs.

emacs can probably do all the things I do in vim ... but not for me, at least not without much training smile.gif

I have actually seen many flamewars concerning vim and emacs ... with things like:

well, emacs can do xxxxx, try that with vim .... and counters from the vim folks saying the same stuff.

I will just say that both are very capable and can do most programing features needed ... find the one you are most comfortable with and use it ....

subliminal suggestion ... vim is better ... vim is better ... vim is better ... vim is better ... vim is better ... vim is better ... vim is better ...
So... we can't have a flame war? *hangs head in shame*

Eh, I just like VI because it's command line based, it's powerful, and it has a great feel to it (You can look around without accidently editing anything, and then when you're ready, it's just one key press to get everything going happy.gif)

I also love the easy find (and not quite as each find/replace) features.

Very useful when going through your apache conf file. *laughs*
and I love MC smile.gif

Robert B
Man, flamewars are fun, answering tech questions is good to, but this is what I really like, a good gentlemenly argument between men about silly things like which editor is better. This is what comunity is all about, and isn't that what we are going for here, comunity?

However, it does apear the comunity will have to be segrigated. You vi users will have to go live on one side and us emacs users will keep the better side for ourselfs. As for the others who use non-vi/emacs editors we should burn thier huts and send them packing.

Ok, maybe no hut burning, and your probably right, we shouldn't let something like this divide us. But that doesn't mean we can't have fun bickering about it. Besides, I am going to go give vi another look now and maybe re-evaluate its status in my book. Not to mention that the custom knoppix build I am falling in love with didn't include emacs. *shakes fist in anger* So I am learning and thats good.

emacs emacs emacs emacs emacs emacs emacs emacs emacs emacs
biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
*hides a torch behind his back*

I think I can finally end this argument, for I have uncovered shocking and relevent information!

Vi(m): Cures cancer, stops comets from hitting earth, heals the sick

Emacs: Cause of the Ebloa virus, eats kittens

MC has 1200/1200 Health Points
4800/4800 Magic Points
and can summon Ifrit,Shiva,and the rest of the Guardian Forces.
and has a secret backup Battleaxe which has 2000 Fire Damage, and 1200 Ice Damage.

Robert B
biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Emacs guide is up..
Checkout this link...
QUOTE (Termina @ Mar 30 2004, 01:56 PM)
*hides a torch behind his back*

I think I can finally end this argument, for I have uncovered shocking and relevent information!

Vi(m): Cures cancer, stops comets from hitting earth, heals the sick

Emacs: Cause of the Ebloa virus, eats kittens


Come on, Vi(m) and EMacs are just lame. Nano kicks ear!
Nano: Kills microsoft biggrin.gif
all hail nano!!

all your text editors are belong to us!
Nano sucks... biggrin.gif
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