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Full Version: Chaning The Partition Type And Resizing Partitions
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Hey all,

When originally installing RedHat 7.3 several months ago, I didn't really know how Linux worked and made bad choices for the partitioning. Right now, after some experience, I want to change the type of partitions (from ext2 to ext3, 7.3 couldn't boot off ext3, so I was dumb enough to make all partitions ext2 laugh.gif ) and (hopefully) resize my /home partition to take up more room (this is a development server, will store a lot of files, need as much room as I can get for /home).

Can someone suggest how I can these things (if not the second, at least the first - I'm sure there's a way).

Thanks a lot,
Before you shift them to ext3, you can resize your partitions with the program called parted. You can install it from the redhat cd's or download it from here
To convert an ext2 filesystem to ext3, run this command:

tune2fs -j /dev/hdxx

(substitute the drive letter and partition number for xx.)

(ie /dev/hda3)

This should be non destructive (don't lose any data) and can be done with the file system mounted...Journals do take up disk space, so if the volume is almost completely full (> 95% full) then don't try to do it.

Now change /etc/fstab to mount as ext3 instead of ext2 and reboot...(you could unmount as ext2 and remount as ext3 for all partitions except root ... but for root you will need to reboot to mount as ext3).
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