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Full Version: Couple Of Newbie Linux Questions
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First of all...
Is there some kind of cfg file executed at the linux startup? So when I want to mount my other HDD I don't have to login as root and mount it manually every time? I'm thinking about equivalent of autoexec.bat from windows...

Second, is there a key combination to kill an aplication/reboot/etc ? Cause some programs just hang up on me and I didn't know what to do - I guess pressing the reset button on my pc isn't such a good idea... Something like Alt+F4 /ALT+CTRL+DEL in windows...

Ummm, that's it I guess... I'm using RedHat 7.1 (?)... are there any other tips a new linux user should know?

Thanks in advance!
Actually there are lots of config files and there usually located in the directory called /etc. The file your interested in is /etc/fstab. You need to be logged in as root to modify anything in this directory.

See the man pages for fstab and mount for additional help.

You do not specify what filesystem that is on the other hard drive or the partition number. If you do not know then you can use RH's configuration GUI or the following console command:
fdisk -l (a small L)
Then edit the fstab file and add the following

/dev/hdxy /mnt/<other HDD> fs_type defaults 1 2

You will need to create a directory to mount the hard drive.
If the drive is a vfat then use this:
/dev/hdxy /mnt/<other HDD> vfat umask=000,users 0 0

Where x is (if you have IDE drives):
1st controller master - a
1st controller slave - b
2nd controller master - c
2nd controller slave - d
and Y is determined by the output of fdisk.

The partition will mount at boot.

The kill or killall command will terminate processes that misbehave. For the kill command you need the PID number, with the killall command all you need is the application name. You can get the the PID from the output of ps, the ax option lists all processes. i.e.

kill 1045
killall app_name

Tips? Go to the local library and read up on linux or even better go to your local bookstore and purchase a linux reference manual. IMO there is nothing like having written material to browse through while sitting next to the computer trying to figure out or find an obscure command. The man pages is a quick reference guide if you no what command you want to use. i.e. (in a console window)
man mount

Do not be afraid to search the web. You will find lots of forums to find answers for new users questions. Besides this site there is and just to mention a couple.

To mount my drive, I actually use: mount /dev/hdb1 /windows/c (I created that directory)
as for the killall, what is the application name? is it like a.out or what (how do I retreive it)?
But basically I was asking for a key-combination cause a few times my linux hang up in game fullscreen or something like this, so I don't have an access to the terminal...

About the book thingy, I know, I've been thinking about it too but my local library doesn't have any and generally pc books are pretty expensive, so I'd rather buy one. so if you know any1 good just let me know, if you don't, I'll find something on my own... laugh.gif
Ctrl-Alt-F1 will switch to console mode where you can type in the command kill or killall.
uh-huh, but, how do I retreive the app name? is there some command that displays all the programs currently running...???
ps -ef will list all the running processes....

top will show you all processes and their memory and cpu usage.

ctrl-alt-backspace will kill your current X windows session...but that can cause problems.
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