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Full Version: Kernel Error - 2.4.23 With Ext3?
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I am running the latest version of Sentinix. It is basically a stripped down version of Slackware. I recently upgraded the kernel to 2.4.23 (1 week ago) and things have been fine until this morning. I noticed this message on the console:

Message from syslogd@lam at Tue Dec 16 04:40:21 2003 ...
lam kernel: Assertion failure in do_get_write_access() at transaction.c:612: "jh->b_transaction == transaction || jh->b_transaction == journal->j_committing_transaction"

I did some reading online and it seems that other people have had this problem with kernel's and the ext3 fs. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this error and knows what causes it. I am running ext3. Any help would be great.

I haven't seen this ... I have a 2.4.23 kernel in slackware 9.1 (on a test box) and I haven't had any problems (that I know of).
2.4.23 works like a charm.

How did you upgrade? Maybe you missed something.

The line above, I'm not very up to date with C, is doing pointer comparsion. "locate transaction.c" and you find the source code. Make sure your download is original. Check md5sum.
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