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Full Version: Screwed Up Xf86config
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I got a little trigger happy when trying to get my NVidia drivers set up and accidentally messed up the XF86Config file. I forgot to change the screen name in one module. I've tried running X -configure and making a new config file and running it with that, but it still doesn't work. X just boots up with the 'x' cursor and I can't do anything. I have a feeling this is a fairly common problem. Anyone have a solution? Please be as detailed as possible, as I'm not entirely familiar with commands yet.

BTW, I'm using Mandrake 9.1
In /etc/X11/xinit is there still a file or symlink called xinit.rc? (I think that's what it's called... I'm not sure, I'm in windows right now). In most distro's this is a symlink that would point to a file like xinit.rc.kde or something. I'm not an expert on X, but that's my two bits.

Should I just reinstall X? I dont want to have to reinstall Mandrake since it took me two hours to get my college's stupid network configured in linux.
Nevermind, I've fixed the problem.
In case anyone else does this, heres how I fixed it.
I went into linux in terminal, and used vim to edit the config file.
Glad you got it working...

For informational purposes, you can generate a new XF86Config file with this command:

XFree86 -configure

Here is a great XFree86 4.x tutorial from IBM ... it requires registration.
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