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Full Version: Redhat 9 Buffalo Wireless Card Get Drivers And Wor
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im using redhat 9 and i have a buffalo pcmcia wireless card. i want to get it going so i looked in my redhat bible book 1200pages thick and flipped to the wireless section and i tried everything in thier possible.

so i then surfed the site for the last 2 hrs trying to find what i can do to get the card up and running!
yet the only thing i can find is sites referencing the wvlan or wavelan driver which will work with the buffalo card?
ok so i search for internet for wvlan driver huh ? gez not found ?

is it in the distro ?

will any built in drivers work?

this is the main reason people have trouble with linux is because hardware is not working properly with thier system!

it can make things very difficult which is why people use M$ .

Is their a site on the internet i can pay someone money to help me with linux questions?

im more then willing to pay $$$$.

:newbie: :Pengy:

M$ doesn't support the Buffalo wireless cards any more than linux does .. however Buffalo does provide Windows and Mac driver support. Your beef about support is not with GNU Linux ... but with the manufacturer of the product. You should make it known to the manufacturer that you want to use their product on a Linux machine...and if enough customers of their products do that then they will provide drivers (if required) or at least instructions on how to use the product in Linux.

I need the model number of your card to provide any help ... buffalo makes 3 or 4 pcmcia cards and at least one desktop card.
wli-cb-g54a my model num

heres a link that had me researching like crazy.....

i wish hardware was compatible with any o/s !
This will supposedly get that card working for Linux...
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