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Full Version: Using Linux For Internet Thru Lan
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Hello Everyone,

I'm a newbie in linux.I have a dual boot system which runs RH linux 8.0
and windows98 and XP.I have my internet connection thru LAN and the admin of the LAN gave me a software,which is used by me to connect to the internet thru LAN.It is an authentication software which validates me as a legible user to get internet access.Since it can only run on windows , so I'm having problem to run internet thru linux.

I have installed wine on Linux but it is of no use, becoz wine cannot execute it.Whenever I try to execute that program thru wine,system either hangs or wine debugger starts,I'm quite confused and dont know what to do.Plz help me and oblige,

thankz in advance,
We would need a little more information, like what kind of authentication system is it? Is it pppoe? or some other type of thing? I'm sure linux has native software to support it, we would just need to know what it's using.
How can I get that information?Should I ask My admin for that?
Actually, the local admin here does not know how the software works because he didn't make it.

Can we get some info by using netstat command and thereby getting the port thru which it transfers the authentication data.

below is my netstat -n output::

Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
TCP *My ip address*:3023 *server's ip address*:23400 ESTABLISHED
TCP *My ip address*:3063 *some other ip addres*:5050 ESTABLISHED

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