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Full Version: Configuring Apache.....
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for all of us who are using apache...(as a production level server or just a test server or using it in intranet)..

You can make apache to access user directories /home/hemant(for example) and webpages available there accessible to in this way every user can have a website of his own....sounds goes method to accomplish this....
1.edit file /etc/conf/httpd.conf
and you will see a variable
and next line enables this variable...uncomment both lines and make sure user directories are enabled.. those users who wanted to have webpages of their own can create a directory ~/public_html and make it readable to all..
$ chmod 755 public_html

PS:i am posting this tip from a windows machine so i am not sure about location of file httpd.conf .
So I assume you'd then type in "http://localhost/hemant" to see that users webpage?
i think it would be http://localhost/~username
could be wrong though...i dont allow users to have their own pages
How would I stop certain files from being uploaded (or atelast accessed) with Apache (or uploading via SSH/FTP)

For example, I only want them to be able to upload .jpg, .png, .gif, .graal, .html, and .php pages (NO exe, zip, rar, avi, etc.)
Thanks in advance!
First..of access the user dirctory it will be

http://localhost/~hemant(provided index.html file exists in the ~/public_html directory).

Now about the second question..file handling has to be php(or cgi).
you can easily write the php script...which will deny upload of certain files..

Or a quick can use javascript...simply check the name of the file..that is being uploaded..and check for it's extension..and generate a warning and don't allow user to post that file.

If you want i can post the script...
i have a good script that works great...ill have to hunt it down and provide a link for it or post it here...ill see if i can find it
Thanks, I'd love that script. happy.gif
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