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Full Version: Kde Applications Keep Crashing....
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I don't know if any of you have similar experience...
But it seems that on my system...many of the KDE applications keep out a SIGPEVP signal....
It never happened with RedHat-8.0...until i switched to redhat 9.0
I'm not the best with KDE ... I don't use it as my desktop. (Although it is loaded on my system so I can use files written for KDE on Gnome).

There was a time .... (in the KDE 2.x and Gnome 1.4 days) that I used KDE ... but since gnome 2.0, I've never looked back. Joey is a big KDE fan, so maybe he has some specific comments to fix your problem.

One question I have is did you do an upgrade (of RH 8 to RH 9) or a fresh install? I have tried an upgrade of RH 8 to RH 9 on 4 occasions (using the RH installer) and on 2 occasions using apt rpm... and not once did it work correctly when using the RH installer.

I did get 2 good upgrades using apt-rpm....(by changing the list.sources to point to the RH9 sources and then doing apt-get update and then apt-get dist-upgrade.

On all 6 of the machines, the upgrade was done only as a test ... I had planned to erase and reinstall (which I did) after seeing how the upgrade went...

SO ... if you went the upgrade route, I would recommend you backup any DATA and do a fresh install...
No...i did a fresh install....And i too don't use KDE(me WindowMaker fan) much but few applications like Konqueror are really good..
Moreover unfortunately that computer is not connected to bug reporting is also...a heck of time kill...
I sometimes use fluxbox ... but I like gnome (not really sure why, it's just what i like).

I don't know what could be causing the problem ... maybe try reinstalling the kde libs rpms.
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